2016 Tikopia Expedition


We have been asked by the renown French film maker, Corto Fajal, and on special invitation of the chiefs (arikis) to deliver and accommodate his team to the isolated island of Tikopia.767083FC-B4CA-4798-BF3E-2282CFA1578C

our  special mission was also, to deliver and install ,two water purification systems on the island so the locals would have access to clean drinking water in the event of tropical cyclones. These units, shown below as they are being transported over Tikopia’s crater lake

IMG_1059 had been fund raised thanks to the help of Corto and his team, and where eagerly awaited on the Island.                                                                                                                                                          Tikopia is only about 2.5 miles long, and not much wider, it has nor port or sheltered bay, so our 3 week stay depended on the persistent and reliable trade winds. But the warm welcome and incredible hospitality of its people made sure, that we have plans to return one day20160922_132120


Mean while Corto’s  documentary had its premier at the 1018 Tahitian film festival FIFO, and is now shown in theaters around France and soon the rest of Europa and potentially in New Zealand, here is a short trailer: