Dona Catharina involved in 2017 Niue whale research project

We are proud to announce that Niue whale research project has chosen Dona Catharina to use a a support vessel for their whale observations in September.


We have completed our whale research support for Oma Tafua. 

After arriving in Niue, where we had been expected not only by Oma Tafua, but by several reporters who wanted the story about Anvati and our involvement around the rescue of their crew .
Oma Tafua director Fiafia made sure the we had all we needed, fresh provisioning, washing machines  and even a mini bus to tour the island.
So we could finally rest for a few days, before we started our busy scedule with Oma Tafua, sailing along the coast of Niue every day in search of humpback whales.


we had come to find the whales. And we where not disappointed.


A breaching humpback is quite a sight. and we learned, that adults male breach to communicate their presents But our main focus was in helping Oma Tafua to identify individuals, by collecting skin samples and collecting photos of flukes. Recording whale song, swimming with them, and watching their powerful displays was just an added bonus for the crew. Data collecting was the main focus.