2020 Kermadec Dive Expedition

Despite severe limitations to international travel, we managed to execute an exiting voyage to the remote and protected Kermadec Island. Getting a permit from the Department of Conservation was only possible after a new antifouling, a hull inspection, and just before departure a visit from two cute little rodent sniffer dogs.

We had the perfect weather window to blow us in 4 days to Raul Island, and the anchorage behind Meyer Island turned out better than expected .

Birds circling Dona Catharina, their screams could be heard even when the dive compressor was running
Wait for it…..

The focus was on diving . And some of the pictures taken will soon feature in the NZ National Geographic Magazine, and other publication ( link to follow in time)

birds, whales, dolphins, there was so much life around us and our professional photographers did not always have to use their telescope to get up close to the action as the next video clip will show.

often the baby humpbacks dived under the boat

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